About Us

Co-founders Sue and Paul Rosenau

We created The Legacy of Angels Foundation in 2008. After the loss of our first grandchild to Krabbe disease in 2003 we wanted to focus our philanthropy on the education and awareness of this disease and help fund research for better treatments and ultimately a cure for Krabbe disease. In addition to Krabbe disease, we also wanted to help fund research for Cystic Fibrosis (CF). As a result of genetic testing of our children after the loss of our granddaughter, CF was also discovered in our family. Because newborn screening is key to early diagnosis and treatment of both diseases, education and support of newborn screening complete the philanthropic focus of our family foundation. The Legacy of Angels Foundation is a private grantmaking organization with a preference for leveraged, strategic funding. Applications are by invitation only.

Paul and Sue Rosenau


The Mission of The Legacy of Angels Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) private giving family foundation established in 2008, is to improve the lives of children by working to promote the expansion of newborn screening, and to further education, awareness and research of Krabbe disease and Cystic Fibrosis to provide a better treatment and a cure.


The TLOAF vision is to direct, fund and promote research to develop and enhance treatments and cures for Krabbe disease and Cystic Fibrosis.

TLOAF will promote through education and awareness the expansion of newborn screening, Krabbe disease and Cystic Fibrosis; benefiting children with the increased probability of early identification and effective access to treatment.


Board of Directors

Paul Rosenau

Sue Rosenau
Vice President/Co-founder

Brett Rosenau

Stacy Pike

Heather Techmeier

Bob Hoffman



Sue Rosenau
Chief Operating Officer

Stacy Pike
Director of Programs and Administration



Jared Dufault
Foundation Tax Accountant and Advisor