TLOAF Visits Myelin Regeneration Group College of Medicine, University of Chicago

Group in front of the College of Medicine Research Building.

Co-Founders Paul and Sue Rosenau and TLOAF Research Consultant Micki Gartzke visited with Dr. Ernesto Bongarzone and his team of scientists at the renowned Myelin Regeneration Lab at the College of Medicine, University of Illinois, Chicago.

Dr. Bongarzone’s opening remarks set the pace for an exciting afternoon. Many amazing presentations were made that day. Amongst them were new discoveries this team has made in different aspects related to Krabbe’s disease, ranging from neurogenesis issues to the recent find that there are aggregates in the brain similar to the Lewy bodies found in Parkinson’s disease. Further investigation in these areas will lead to potential therapies.

Dr. Bongarzone’s enthusiastic and dedicated team continued to provide an afternoon full of amazing scientific knowledge and discoveries. Some of their goals include: to understand cellular and molecular mechanisms that impair remylination and identify targets to overcome failure in repair is poised to change the future of the understanding.

Upon completion of the formal presentations, we all were treated to view the TWI mice, the authentic model of Krabbe’s disease. We saw the actions of both treated and untreated TWI mice, amazing to see and understand the differences.

After being shown the labs where the transplants are done on mice, we toured a number of additional labs seeing one impressive experiment after another.

Rounding out the tour, Dr. Bongarzone treated us to one more fascinating activity, a hallway tour containing many of his team’s hallmark experiments in poster form, as well as showing us published experiments, or pending publication.

The two teams gathered one more time for an insightful Q & A session. It was inspiring listening to the passion of each team member as they answered their respective questions.

To work together collaboratively with such an influentially compelling team gratified us knowing that our grant dollars are helping to make significant progress towards the future where the results will flourish to help the children.