Our Grant Program

How to Apply:


Step 1: Submit a Letter of Inquiry (PDF).  Letters of Inquiry can be submitted at any time but the deadline for the current funding year is March 1st.  You will receive a confirmation email that your Letter of Inquiry has been received. 

Step 2: All Letters of Inquiry are sent to our scientific advisors within 5 business days of the March 1st deadline.  Our scientific advisors are given approximately 30 days to review all inquires and complete our evaluation form. 

Step 3:  The Legacy of Angels Foundation Co-Founders and staff review each Letter of Inquiry with the completed scientific evaluation form and make an informed selection.  All individuals who submitted a Letter of Inquiry will receive an award or a denial letter by email no later than April 15th of each funding year.

Step 4: Individuals who receive an award letter will be asked to submit a full proposal.  Invited proposal are due by the annual deadline of June 1st. 

Step 5:  All completed proposals will be sent for scientific review within 5 business days of June 1st

Step 6:  The Board of Directors vote on the completed proposals during the annual board meeting in August.  Award letters are sent by email no later than September 15th of each funding year. 


Guidelines for Applying:


  • All interested applicants must be a non-profit and are required to submit a Letter of Inquiry (PDF).  Please note, we Do Not fund international applications at this time.  
  • Interested applicants are encouraged to read The Legacy of Angels Foundation’s mission and vision statement plus the list of previously funded grants for information on the type of projects the foundation funds.  All projects must align with TLOAF’s mission. 
  • Letters of Inquiry will be evaluated on subject matter and the potential impact of the proposed research. Letters of Inquiry can be submitted electronically as a word document or a PDF.
  • Letters of Inquiry should be no more than 750 words, excluding headers, contact information, biographical sketches, and references. Please answer the questions in the order presented.
  • No more than 5% of grant funds can be used for Indirect costs.